perjantai 29. toukokuuta 2015

Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side.

My first and probably last post in English and I apologize my horrible grammar but I hope everyone gets the main point of my text. The reason I'm writing in English is my best friend Courtney who probably wants to understand what I'm telling about her.

I had my first cheer practice in August and the only thing I remember about that is that I was super confused with all the new faces and new language. Courtney is one of the cheerleaders and even though I don't remember that she was there she told me later I had practiced new cheers with her on that day! The first time when I actually remember I talked to her is tumbling where we were both doing backhandsprings together. All I remember is that she introduced herself and my first though was "Why do Americans have so hard names and why is she so nice to me?"

Next day I figured out I actually had the same English class with her and like always she was being Courtney; she switched seats with someone else only that she could sit by me. The second thing she did after switching the seats was asking me to hang out with her the next weekend. I was the weird girl from Finland that didn't actually speak English and that she had met only few times and she already asked me to have a sleepover! That day I came home and I probably had a stupid smile on my face the rest of the day.

Almost every weekend since that sleepover we have been hanging out either at her or my house and we have created so many memories over these almost ten months that I would say it's almost impossible. Sitting in the dark in the hot tub and just relaxing, walking around the neighborhoods and climbing up to the empty hill just because I want to go, tasting new weird meals, walking in the rain to the pool, sitting in the movie theater just laughing because nothing makes sense, being over tired and laughing about everything, her crying in the bathroom and we skipping the class because of that or just laying on the bed and talking about everything; it doesn't matter what we are doing but we never have boring moments. (Okay maybe the time we spent in the English class watching some stupid documents wasn't the funniest thing but we survived by laughing about the bird girl or something else as stupid things as my shrimp(s) I had for dinner....)

To be honest I actually never believed it would be possible to have a friend like Courtney when there is a clock ticking and reminding me I have only ten months time to live my life here. I can't even imagine my life or my year without her and she is definitely one of the closest friends I have ever had! Thank you for being there and listening my weird things and being ready to do anything I ever ask! I love you! ♥♥♥

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  1. Eikää mulla on jotenkin niin sama tilanne!! Just kirjotin kans eilen enkunks mun parhaasta ystävästä ja tänään sain lukee sun blogista et sulla sama tilanne!! Goodbyes tulee oleen jotain ihan järkyttävää...

    1. Joo itseasiassa huomasin sun postauksen heti kun olin tän tekstin julkassu! Ihan kamalaa aatella että meillä on vaan kuukausi jäljellä! Ehkä me jotenkin tullaan selviimään niistä goodbyesta mut ei se kyllä helppoo tuu olemaan! :(

  2. So lovely post!! <3 Very nice pictures